Mtimkhulu Networks is a provider of Home and Business IT solutions in South Africa for over 7 years. We understand that not only is technology expertise important but interacting with the rest of your team and making them feel at ease is just as important. 

Unlike larger IT companies that have big offices and a huge payroll to support.  We keep our overhead low and reflect that in our business friendly rates and monthly packages.

You want your tech to work, your team to be happy and a single point of contact for all of your IT needs and that's exactly what we do and we do it well. Imagine the amount of stress you will save when everything works and you are confident we are watching all the little details so you can focus on your business instead. 

Instead of being reactive we make it a point of being proactive. With our remote management software we monitor each network device, making sure they are updated, virus free and prevent problems before they cut into your production time. We also run automated routines to keep your network optimized and make recommendations on cost effective upgrades.


Since 2012, Mtimkhulu Networks has developed innovative products and solutions that help organizations across the country deploy and operate cost-effective, reliable, and secure communications. We combine an experienced and responsive engineering team, highly scalable resources, and a “whatever it takes” customer service philosophy to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

We’re an equal opportunity innovator, solving specific telecom, networking and network security problems for government, privately owned companies, utility and enterprise. Whether you have network security concerns about compliance or the cost of migrating to IP networks, a school district focused on reducing telecom costs, or you need to ensure the privacy of your company's communications, Mtimkhulu Networks can help with efficient and cost-effective solutions.


Why Mthimkhulu Networks?


Why choose us to help you?

  • You need better collaboration across multiple devices 

  • You have a non-technical employee handling your network and computers

  • Constant glitches are causing downtime and frustration

  • You want a single point of contact for all of your tech needs

  • You want to migrate to the cloud and need outside expertise

  • You want peace of mind that your data is being backed up and secure

  • Proactive, reliable IT service at small business friendly rates

  • Our monthly support package includes unlimited remote support 

There are a lot of telecom, networking, and network security vendors. Most of them, frankly, don’t look much different than the next guy. Yet, Mtimkhulu Networks stands out. We’re different.

We innovate. We engineer. We deliver products and solutions that will work whenever called upon. That’s why companies and governments that can choose anyone choose Mtimkhulu Networks. Here's five reasons why you should talk to us:

1. We’re Experienced.
2. We’ve got Deep Roots in Telecom and Networking.
3. We Focus on Customer ROI—Not our ROI.
4. We’re Agile and Responsive.

5. Our SLAs are crazy cool.

Our Rule of Thumb.



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