Disaster Planning


Affordable Business Continuity Solutions

Mtimkhulu Networks is a BackBlaze and backup solutions partner. With a BackBlaze device, any size business can have an onsite backup, cloud backup and virtualization all in one cost effective package. Why risk critical business downtime when a BackBlaze product can have your server back up and running in minutes. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can save your business and data. How can you afford not to? 


Data Security


All BlackBlaze devices use advanced encryption technology to keep data secure at all times. In addition to all information being stored in an encrypted state, data stored in BlackBlaze’s off-site data centers is fully protected at all times.


Data Integrity


Built on the rock solid Unix based ZFS based file system, BlackBlaze utilize a file structure generations ahead of others to ensure your data integrity is never compromised. ZFS has built in logic that puts data integrity above everything. Its de-duplication and compression technologies ensure the most efficient means of storing data and the most optimal way to backup data to the cloud. Cutting edge data compression technology reduces the bandwidth required to transfer files off site as well as saving space on the local device.


Quick Data Restoration


When a customer’s local data is lost or destroyed, BlackBlaze can recover all data off-site and quickly deliver to the end customer. FTP + SSL access provides continuous secure access anytime to all data stored at BackBlaze’s off-site data centers. If a Bare Metal restore is required, BackBlaze Support can walk you through the process.


Unlimited Backup of Servers and Workstations


BackBlaze's device's can backup an unlimited number of servers and workstation off-site using BackBlaze's proprietary backup system. Multiple copies of data off-site ensure that no matter the situation, data is always available and can be recovered in the event of an extended outage or onsite disaster.


Full Service IT Support

We're one of JHB's most experienced IT outsourcing companies that can consolidate different vendors like your IT support, phone systems, email host and other cloud services. We can deliver an all in one IT solution for your business and be your single point of contact for all your tech needs. Imagine the time you will save when you let us manage your other tech vendors and services and we become your go to resource. 


In addition to providing PC and Apple support to keep your computers and network running optimal we have several other value added services that can deliver an entire small business IT solution in a single package. Disaster recovery, mobile device management and business continuity are all value added services we can offer for your company.  


Mtimkhulu Networks has been a provider of quality IT services and support for over 7 years. We have the expertise to expertly manage all of your business tech, even if your company has multiple locations. Not only can we manage your network and computers we can also act as a bridge to your other tech vendors giving you a single point of contact. Whether your business is large or small, Mtimkhulu Networks can be your entire IT department, making sure your technology runs smoothly, efficiently and securely.

  • Single point of contact for all of your technology needs

  • Support portal that makes getting tech help easy

  • We can be the bridge between your company and other tech vendors

  • Implement unique technology solutions for your particular industry needs

  • Serving small businesses in a variety of industries for over 7 years 

  • IT hardware and software purchase advice and recommendations

  • Management of email systems and other cloud based services

  • Personlized IT support that your staff will love

  • Solid value added services that are cost effective and reliable 

MAC Consulting and Support

We provide responsive, proactive and personalized Apple IT services in South Africa that will cost effectively manage your day to day environment. As part of our Managed Services package we install a software agent on each Mac to monitor critical systems like disk space, memory usage and other resources. We also include unlimited remote support for tasks like troubleshooting, help desk, networking, vendor management and user support.

Our mac expertise can be utilized by your business to find new, more cost effective ways of doing things. For example, with our business continuity and cloud backup solutions we can make sure your macs are always backed up in case disaster strikes. We have a lot of experience in working with hybrid PC / Mac networks, making all of your workstations regardless of operating systems work as one cohesive unit.

In today's technology world it takes some unique IT solutions to utilize industry software, cloud and other mobile options on a mac platform and we have that expertise. No matter if your company is big or small, we can provide cost effective Apple solutions on your desktops, iPhones and iPads. Syncing all of your data including email, contacts and calendar on all of your company Apple devices is just one of the many solutions we offer.   

  • Troubleshooting, support, networking, software deployments and more

  • Proactive IT support and expertise in a mac environment

  • IT solutions and personalized help desk for your entire staff

  • Expertise in making PC's and Mac's seamlessly work together  

  • Migrate your company email into the cloud and sync it with all your devices

  • Business continuity solutions that can make complete images of your data

  • Expert IT support that is very friendly to small business budgets

  • Remote management each workstation to keep your business running smoothly


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